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Heavenly Touches

Meridian Elements | 60 mins | RMB 680

We believe a healthy body needs to have “Qi” moving smoothly inside our body. Every block of meridian points will damage the overall wellbeing of our body. This treatment is based on the traditional Chinese view of our 12 main meridians , offering thumb and palm massage movement along the long strokes of the meridians to unblock every single meridian, which your body will restores energy and balance with calming “Qi” within.
Aroma Healing | 60 mins | RMB680  
A proper use of aroma elements on the body release treatment is relaxing and most importantly indulgencing your body, mind and soul at the same time. Before your treatment, our therapist will help you to choose your the suitable essential oils from our own blended series and then, the whole treatment will be delivered from by the Swedish technique to release your muscle tension.
Work on Deep Tissue | 60 mins | RMB680  
This treatment focuses on releasing the stress of the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Our therapist will offer the slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, either following or going across the fibers of the muscles, tendons and fascia,which helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue.This treatment releases muscle stress, that resulting in removing toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly. This treatment is perfect for tired body.
Lymphatic Drainage | 90 mins | RMB880  
Lymphatic Drainage is a delicate form of massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, improving the metabolism, helping the body to eliminate waste and toxins and providing a boost to the immune system. This treatment boosts the immune system so, as well as helping the body ward off illness, treatment can facilitate general feelings of health and vitality. It also has a positive physical effect,improving the appearance of the skin and reducing puffiness caused by water retention, poor circulation or pregnancy.
Chinese Massage | 60 mins | RMB680

Our therapist will offer you the indifferent Chinese massage therapy to enhance the overall energy flow within the body. Therapist will use the traditional Chinese deep and heavy palm hand massage and stretching techniques directly on specific part of your body to help removes obstructions, will help to restore your energy immediately and leading you to a complete state of relaxation.


Body Feel Good Factors

Four Seasons Refreshing Body Scrub | 45 mins | RMB380  
To boost the body skin renewal, do try our four season body scrub treatment, ranging from Natural Papaya, Mint & Cucumber, Sesame and Ginger. Our therapist will advise to you for the best ingredient at the time you do the treatment.

Water Rituals

Aroma Bath | 30 mins | RMB280  
Our aroma water therapy offers you a warm and relaxing bath experience. Essential oils mixed with milk extracts not only release your body tension, improve blood circulations, the blended aroma also helps to soothe and reduce mental fatigue. The treatment can also help to improve sleeping quality.
Energized Bath Experience | 30 mins | RMB280  
Blended aroma essences ignite the senses and relieve muscle fatigue making you feel energized after bath. You will also find your skin highly hydrated and moisturized after bath.


Basic Facial | 45 mins | RMB480  
An ideal regular treatment which reveals, in a minimal amount of time, to clean up your face and provide all the daily essence to your facial to ensure a bright outlook.
Energy Facial | 60 mins | RMB680  
High tolerance soothing and regenerating treatment for tired skin. This facial eliminates the dead cells gently, deeply purifying the skin and regains freshness.
Eye Contour Treatment | 45 mins |RMB680  
Thanks to its lifting and firming massage, this treatment remodels the eye contour and smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines. The look recovers all its youthfulness..


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