Guide to security and personal protection

Rules and regulations for hotel customers

According to the relevant regulations of the public security bureau of Lingshui, all guests must observe the following regulations:

  1. Observe every rules and regulations of the hotel, obey hotel management, and respect the hotel property.
  2. Soldier, public security men, judicial personnel carrying firearms and ammunition must hand in to the security department of the hotel or to the public security bureau.
  3. Flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosives and radioactive articles, as well as dagger and scraper controlled knives are forbidden within the hotel.
  4. Such illegal activities as prostitution, drug consumption and dealing, gambling, spread obscene goods and fighting in the hotel are forbidden.
  5. Room assigned is nominative and for control purpose can not be changed without proper record.
  6. Public security bureau requires all guests’ visitors staying after 23.00 to register at the reception.
  7. The hotel team members are all in uniform and with nametag, please clearly recognize the staff member before they enter your room.
  8. If you notice any suspicious person in the resort, please contact housekeeping service center.
  9. Security personnel patrol regularly the property and monitor the safety of the hotel and its residents.
  10. Noisy, un-respectful or drunken and disorderly, attitude in hotel will result in been removed from the premises. Respect others.
  11. We advise you to deposit the valuables in the safety box and not to leave any valuables in the hotel room. Safe deposit-boxes are available at the front desk, at no charge. A safety-box is located in the closet of the room. The hotel decline responsibility for loss of property.
  12. Please lock your door and keep your room key safe. In case of loss, please contact the assistant manager immediately. Team member will ask your identification before opening the door to ensure your property safety.
  13. When being in public place or scenic spot please always watch your personal properties carefully.

Fire safety

  1. The hotel is equipped with all the latest requirements in fire protection and safety control.
  2. Open flame, cooking or using heating device is not allowed in the villas, as per fire bureau.
  3. Please do not smoke in bed.
  4. Please, notice fire exits routes, location of emergency flashlights and extinguishers.
  5. In case of fire alarm, please do not use elevators.
  6. In case of fire exit premises calmly and rapidly.
  7. Should there be smoke cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel before proceeding to exits.

Every villa is equipped with an emergency system connected to our safety response team. In the bathroom and by the bedside two red buttons activate the system. Also refer to the safety section of this directory.

If it is not an emergency, refrain from using the system and do not push the buttons, and contact operator to assist you.
Extension No. 0

Please dial 119 for fire alarm, for hotel fire prevention center please dial 7119

Provide full collaboration with official bodies and security department and bureau in these matters


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